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Brings light energy that improves the wellbeing of the body through departing the negative thoughts from your mind and emotions. Also lifts your mood. Use this gem to relax, silence your mind or to fall asleep.

These beautiful polished flat gems are great for use in healing or as decorative objects.

You can place them over your body, underneath your mattress topper or in your pillowcase to benefit from the healing qualities. On top of this they are great to meditate with, you can do this by holding one in each hand, or for example holding it over a particular chakra.

They also make for beautiful arrangements in your decoration or on your work desk. You may lay them out in patterns, place them in a beautiful dish or wooden bowl to enjoy their beauty. Choose on the basis of how their colours work with each other or according to their healing qualities.

Chakras: 6, 7

Country: Morocco

Size: 70x50mm